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These quick tips can help make your newspaper experience run much more smoothly, from delivery to disposal.

1. Delivery: Newspapers will be delivered to your school's front door and clearly marked with your name. Make sure the school secretary and custodian are aware of the deliveries.

2. Service problems. We guarantee delivery! If you do not receive your papers on time, please contact us as soon as possible.

3. Noise: Using newspapers as part of your curriculum creates noise in your classroom. This is one sign of happy, motivated students doing newspaper activities. But, you might want to warn neighboring classrooms when you are doing newspaper activities. And you might want to work out a system with students that alerts them to excessive noise and helps them quiet down.

4. Review: Since the newspaper is often full of controversial material and material that may be inappropriate for some age groups, you should always check out the newspaper for that day before you students see it, if that is a concern.

5. Start position: This is the position where the newspaper is face up (that is with the nameplate and top of the front page showing) in front of the student, with each section neatly in order. If you want the newspaper returned to this position at the end of the newspaper activity, you should teach the start position first thing when newspapers are handed out.

6. One step at a time: For younger students, try pulling out one section (sports, classified, etc.) and teach using just that section. This can make learning to use a newspaper less intimidating.

7. Take-home papers: Many teachers write their students' names at the top of the newspapers and then send the papers home with them. Since the newspaper is perceived as an adult medium, students usually feel proud to be carrying it home (especially the younger ones). It also encourages families who are not subscribers to become newspaper readers and promotes literacy in general.

8. Recycle and clean-up: Please recycle any newspapers that remain, if your school has a recycling program. To cut down on waste, be sure to order only as many newspapers as you need. You can contact us to modify your order at any time.

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